Zhou Jin-hua's Solo Exhibition - The Absurd Reality

Jun 01,2010-Jul 04, 2010

Zhou Jin-hua


Text/ Gallery100

What the world is depends on how it is observed.
Zhou Jin-hua observes the world with an extraordinary perspective. Having graduated from the Si-chuan Fine Arts Institute’s Oil Painting Department in 2002, Mr. Zhou has become a distinguished painter among mainland China’s young artists born in the late 70s.

As far as “form” is concerned, one of the essential characteristics for Mr. Zhou’s paintings is that he adopts an overlooking bird’s-eye view along with a slanting visual angle to observe all the beings on earth, constituting a series of “mankind landscape paintings.” These landscapes are loaded with people’s numbness, helplessness, sense of loss, even ecstasy and anxiety, which have pervaded the boundless world. Mr. Zhou names his visual angle “an observing method against rules.” This observing method is based on photography, aiming at obtaining a broader view and an entire scene. With a bird’s-eye view, the beings in his paintings look like ants. And because of his slanting angle, the worlds in the paintings turn expansive and buoyant, wavering in an unknown space. Mr. Zhou makes use of the smooth finish skill to project the paintings’ broadness and aloofness, and at the same time distance has twisted and blurred the boundary between reality and absurdity.  

Overlooking obscure people in form and being concerned with the spiritual aspect has become Mr. Zhou’s distinct quality in creation. Hidden behind the bleak atmosphere are his concerns and contemplations for various dimensions including society, environment, and human nature.

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