The Universe in Mind

Apr 10, 2010-May 16, 2010

Hung Tung-lu, Mr. Red


Text/ Gallery100

Although Hung Tung-lu and Mr. Red are about the same age, the artistic vocabulary and creative materials they use are very different. What is interesting is that both men produce works with a central protagonist – Hung Tung-lu’s “Little Red” and Mr. Red’s “Dog Face Man.” 

“Little Red” and “Dog Face Man” make repeated appearances in the works of Hung Tung-lu and Mr. Red, playing out scene after scene in wildly divergent human tragedies and comedies. The two virtual lead characters doubtless symbolize self-examination on the part of both artists. Creativity they represent the way in which the artists pour themselves into their work and the myriad repercussions of a single idea as it spreads out from a single point of origin, transformed into different images. Both “Little Red” and “Dog Face Man” are representations of this phenomenon, vehicles for ideas that emanate outwards from the two artists and as such symbols of an irrepressible creative force.

“Little Red” and “Dog Face Man” meet at Gallery 100, convergence in the life stories of Hung Tung-lu and Mr. Red.

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